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sabato 30 marzo 2013

Water green home decore

I'm so glad to have a few days off to rest and spend some time with my DIY projects! Yesterday afternoon, despite the rain I started work with the spray on the roof of the house!
I bought this framed mirror at flea market this summer when I was in Bosnia , I paid about € 3! I finally found the time to transform it! I chose a '' water green'' ,color that everyone calls '' mint'', a beautiful color not exactly defined, but very fresh and pleasing to the eye!! Was love at first sight, I was lucky to find coordinated lace tablecloth ! To  bring out the protagonist color on the surface of my white chest of drawers  I painted a candle holder to!
Do you like the change?

Down below,you can see how it was before


16 commenti:

  1. Mi sono innamorata del tuo specchio!
    Buona Pasqua cara!:)

  2. Oh grazie,mi rendi molto felice! Auguri a te...

  3. Volim jako pastelne boje, ali ovi tvoji detalji su stvarno van moje maste.
    Odlicno!!Mnogo divno ogledalce i puno bolje izgleda ovako!!
    Svidja mi se sve kako si osmislila!! :)

  4. That color is amazing for decoration!
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  5. Happy Easter, my love.



  6. me encanta un post genial!!!
    BESOS :D

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    I really like your blog,
    I´m following you! :)
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