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sabato 2 marzo 2013

Suede Boots

Isabel Marant boots

 I'm so damn obsessed with Isabel  Marant  Dicker  Boots for such long time....but the price is rather too much for my pockets!Thay are available on net-a-porter for € 370 in black and you can admire them here! But as I had imagined them in  taupe gray I did more research and I found these Ash boots, you can find them on asos on sale! Not contenting myself, I tried again and finally I found these on Dorothy Perkins! 100% leather, great heel, perfect color! I took advantage of the 20% discount on shoes, and I have benefited from another 15% discount, so instead of € 65 I ordered them at the price of € 44 or so, I like theme even more then my first obsession,I can't wait the time they will arrive...
Ash boots

                       Dorothy Perkins boots

2 commenti:

  1. i ja sam opsednuta dickersicama, i bas mi se svidja ova DP verzija, ai cena je odlicna a deluju kvalitetno. ja sam nasla verziju u Aldu, obozavam ih jedino sto nisu bas preterano udobne, ali ih obozavam, i drugu verziku u new yorker, ekstremo jeftinu i poprilicno udobnu. sad ih setam na smenu :)
    hvala na komentaru :)

  2. DP su preudobne i jako su kvalitetne! Hvala tebi :)