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martedì 26 febbraio 2013

snow emerald & sugar

Sunday, my family a couple of friends and I ,have celebrated my nephew first birthday! I planned to wear my high heeled open-toe shoes,but when I saw that was snowing I had to renounce to my ''special aunt'' outfit! So I choose something completely different,suitable for wet and cold weather! I wore wedge sneakers colored emeral green(that will be perfect for the spring),leggings and my warm duvet!

sneakers..........Primadonna Collection
duvet coat........Please
necklace...........Tally Weijl

This is the gift I've made to my precious little one:
sneakers :) and a beanie that I have made with love

...home made cake
my sister and I made it
blueberry & chantilly cream
mmmmm delicious

6 commenti:

  1. Ova zelena jaknica ti je savrsena, kao neka balska haljina.Zelim i ja nesto slicno!!
    Parece torte moze uvek :)

  2. Divne čizme i jakna! Volim zelenu boju!


  3. enil you look very pretty, love the coat

  4. Che carino questo look, adoro questa tonalità di verde!