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giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

rescue heels & criticism on fashion bloggers

I bought these boots a few years ago! I've always liked  them a lot, but I had given up wearing them ,because the heel which was originally covered whit leather was ruined by time! So one day  in a toolshop I find a spacial kind of tape made ​​of alluminium, so I covered my ruined heels, with it!

I bought this tiger sweater back in winter 2011,who would expect at that time that tiger motif would become such a huge trend today?It's really great when you discover something that is a hit in your wardrobe! I think that is completely ok to look fashionable,but you must have good taste!I don't understand persons that BLINDLY FOLLOW FASHION TRENDS . And all those FAKE KENZO SWEATERS from which we are inundated are just squallid!It's the same thing when you see gym shoes with written on ''adedos'' or wearing a fake ''Louis Vuitton'' bag that you found at marketplace for a couple of euros!You know what I mean !! ??
If you can't afford the original get over it!!! You are not MIROSLAVA DUMA!!
Come on fashion bloggers you can do better,don't you?
Where is your sense of style,your imagination,personality?

be yourself,be happy

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  1. Jao cizmice!!Jao kaputic!!
    Jako je sve lepo slozeno i mnogo mi se dopada taj miks boja!!