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sabato 2 febbraio 2013

Chanel inspired jacket

This is my new jacket inspired by the legendary Chanel bouclé jacket! It's my first project with sleeves, until now I had sewn skirts and dresses and the jacket was quite a challenge for a beginner like me ! I admit I had a helper and teacher, my dear lady Angela, she helped me with the sleeves and she hasn't seen yet the final result, I can't wait to show her although I'm a little bit afraid about her reaction because she is a perfectionist!'The hard part was working with the bouclé , and the fact that I had access to a small piece of fabric and I had to count on every single millimeter! However, this is how the jacket looks like, what do you think?
As soon as the weather will allow, I'll wear it so you will see it better.

5 commenti:

  1. Stvarno je predivan blazer!!
    Tako je romantican i ide lepo uz zenstvene bluzice.
    Bas imas neprocenjljiv komad :)

  2. Blejzer je odličan!!! Svaka čast! <3

  3. Fantastico! Hai avuto una bella giacca con un risparmio incomparabile! Brava!