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giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

caps berrette kapice mütze 冬の帽子

Hello !!! Il freddo continua ed alcune persone hanno ordinato i miei cappellini! Questi sono i risultati
The cold weather continues and some people have ordered my caps! These are the results

7 commenti:

  1. Love those hats dear!!! Excuse my delay in answering you! And thanks for your lovely comment! Now, follow you by GFC too!!!
    *I just release a new image on my Facebook Official Page, hope you “like it” and drink a sip of ABSOstyle with me: join my day to day!!!

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle
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  2. Thank You so much Estefanìa!You'are very kind!I'm going right now to see your Facebook page! byeee :*

  3. you make these? they are pretty great. too bad i live in florida where it doesn't get cold enough to wear these.

    thanks for the sweet comment!


  4. Thank you alot! I'm glad u like my caps! You're so lucky to live in a place where the weather is not too cold

  5. Kapice su prelepe, ali zima je hvala bogu iza nass! Konacno prolese!